Information sheets

All information sheets you’ll find on this page are the result of a fun coöperation between and Where a nice text or a wonderful photo can make human hearts beat faster, the combination can be literally breathtaking. For the little pictures you’re on the good adress. If you’d like posterversions, we kindly advise you to take a look at and Julian Kamzols flickr-account. Due to the fact the projects just started, the supply is limited.


Ephebopus cyanognathus West & Marshall, 2000

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 Ephebopus cyanognathus


Eucratoscelus pachypus Schmidt & Von Wirth, 1990

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Eucratoscelus pachypus


Heteroscodra maculata and Stromatopelma calceatum

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Stromatopelma calceatum & Heteroscodra maculata


Pamphobeteus spp. and Xenesthis spp.

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Pamphobeteus spp. and Xenesthis spp. scopula pads